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Australia’s colouring-in range

Axis Toys, importer and distributor of quality toys in Australia, used their love of colouring-in to create ColourAway, which is now a leading range of Australian designed colouring-in posters, cushions, pencil cases and homeware accessories.

Meet Our Artists

The Colour Away range is designed by local Australian artists Lou Trevitt, Karen Sentonaris and 15 year old Jordan Lee.

Karen Sentonaris
Karen SentonarisArtist

Karen is a multi-faceted artist, born and raised in South Africa, where she studied Fine Arts with a Major in Ceramics.

In 2008 the family relocated to Australia where Karen kept her creative spirit alive, with acrylic painting, drawing, beadwork, mosaic and ceramics. Karen’s love of local culture and the environment were the perfect combination when asked to design for ColourAway Posters.

Karen has designed the ColourAway Apron and Christmas Stocking, and the wonderful “Land Downunder” poster, a fitting tribute to the unique plants, mammals, reptiles and frogs that make Australia special. Acknowledgement of the traditional owners is an important component as they and their artwork are tied so strongly to the Australian land.

An additional element of ‘hide and seek’ with the animals has been incorporated into the design or the Land Downunder poster, and each poster kit includes a challenge sheet to find the animals as you colour.

Lou Trevitt
Lou Trevitt Artist

Lou is a Multi-dimensional Artist and Creative Stylist based in Sydney. Lou has studied Photography, Art, Design, Pottery, Millinery and Holistic Counselling.

Lou is happiest when creativity is woven through every part of her day. “To me a creative life is living your authentic self in everything you do food, fashion, work, play and lifestyle. It is my intention to entwine Mindfulness, Art and Wellness together in a holistic approach through creative expression. l was reminded of the importance of this after recovering from Breast Cancer four years ago when l realised that l wasn’t valuing the best part of me…. my wonderful creative self! The ColourAway Posters have been a wonderful platform for me to consolidate all of my modalities into one package that can be shared and enhance creativity and mindfulness in others.”

Lou has designed the ‘Native Garden’, ‘Magician’s Daughter’, ‘Annual Planner Calendar’ and ‘Ocean Dreaming’ posters.

Jordan Lee
Jordan LeeArtist

Jordan is a 15 year old high school student with a keen interest in art and a mind always racing ahead with new ideas and designs.

Jordan designed the multi-faceted ColourAway ‘On My Travels’ Poster. In this poster cities swirl around our young artist like memories flooding from her mind. It is not often you see a teen with the camera pointing away but then it’s not often a teen draws a poster such as this one. Iconic landmarks from New York, Paris, London and Sydney are interspersed with more personal recollections from Jordan’s trip. “My favourite part of the poster is New York because I’ve always wanted to go there and it was really fun to draw. But I love Fiji and Paris as well (who wouldn’t!)”.

Designing and drawing the poster took Jordan close to 40 hours to complete. She chose travel as the topic because she loves to travel and it’s something she wants to do more of when she finishes high school.

The ColourAway range is a wonderful platform to help bring out our imagination.

Colouring in is fun and a great way to learn and to explore our creativity. It stimulates the brains senses and can help to reduce stress.

Say hello to the wonderful world of ColourAway.

ColourAway – colouring-in with an Australian flavour!

ColourAway not only has a wide and beautiful range of Australian designed and themed posters, children’s pencil cases, an apron and even a Christmas stocking. Practical gifts and homewares that can be personalised.

Choose from the ColourAway Homewares Range

Colour Away provides a breath-taking amount of detail that will provide hours of enjoyment. Our homewares range is unique provides a fabulous opportunity to create fun, personalised, practical gifts.

ColourAway Colouring-in Christmas Stocking – Available from June 2018

Product Code: – CA024

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ColourAway Colouring-in Apron – Available January 2018

Product Code: – CA023

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Colouring-in is fun and a great way to learn and to explore our creativity. Order your stock early

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Choose From The ColourAway Poster Range

Each A1 poster is printed on FSC certified paper and comes with 12 trend-inspired brush-stroke pens. In each poster Lou, Jordan and Karen share their love of design and provide a platform for a relaxing colouring-in experience that either you or your whole family and/or friends can enjoy and contribute to.

The paper was selected in collaboration with the experience Eckersleys crew so can be used with watercolour paints and pencils, colouring-in pencils, markers and felt tips.

ColourAway On My Travels Colouring In Poster Kit

by Jordan Lee

Product Code: – CA005

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ColourAway Magician’s Daughter Colouring In Poster Kit

by Lou Trevitt

Product Code: – CA002

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ColourAway 2016 Wall Art Calendar Colouring In Poster Kit

(Future calendars can be developed as required)

by Lou Trevitt

Product Code: – CA003

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ColourAway In a Native Garden Colouring In Poster Kit

by Lou Trevitt

Product Code – CA001

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ColourAway Oceans Dreaming Colouring In Poster Kit

by Lou Trevitt

Product Code: – CA006

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Colour Away Land Downunder Colouring In Poster Kit

(features over 50 indigenous animals and includes a Hide & Seek Challenge – ideal as a complement to Year 4 Flora & Fauna Curriculum studies)

by Karen Sentonaris

Product Code: – CA004

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The ColourAway range helps bring out your imagination.

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Each poster comes packaged with 12 trend-inspired brush-stroke pens

Each poster comes packaged in a sturdy plastic tube with 12 carefully selected vibrant colour brush-stroke pens.

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What’s New?

The Colour Away range is continually expanding with new and interesting homewares and fabric items. Coming soon is a magnificent range of kid’s colouring in pencil cases .

Scribbla Pencil Case & Fabric Pen Set, Lyre Bird

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Scribbla Colouring-in Pencil Case & Fabric Pen Set, Roo

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Scribbla Colouring-in Pencil Case & Fabric Pen Set, Owls

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Scribbla Colouring-in Pencil Case & Fabric Pen Set, Echidna

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Scribbla Colouring-in Pencil Case & Fabric Pen Set, Bird

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Scribbla Colouring-in Pencil Case & Fabric Pen Set, Possum

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